Beaches & Boats: Manistee in 1913

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While Walter was running his boat livery, and large ships were sailing along Lake Michigan, Ruth Porter and Jerry Anderson were “courting.” They were enjoying the beaches of Manistee as well as visiting the other sites that Manistee had to offer. With the beach of Lake Michigan in the background, you see Ruth Porter to the right on the boat.  She is wearing a hat with a flower in it.

B&B Boat&people

Here we see a gallery of snapshots of Ruth and Jerry and their friends, as well as a couple with Ida Mae Thompson, who in appears to be a six or seven year old girl.

In another set of photos, Ruth, Jerry and their friends enjoy the beaches of the area.

Here are Ruth, Jerry and their friends at Orchard Beach.

B&B Orchard Beach group

B&B Orchard Beach 1913

B&B Orchard Beach Junction

Next, a photo of Rietz Park Pavilion in Parkdale,  two snapshots of people at the lake in Winter, and Ruth standing next to a boat house with a bird flying towards her.

B&B Rietz Park Pavilion

B&B Winter scene at lake 2

B&B Winter scene at lake

B&B Ruth at shack with bird


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