Grandma’s Physics Notebook

Blanche in Wedding Dress 1903

Blanche Wilhelmina Henrietta Bucher Thompson

Grandma Blanche did not graduate high school with her class, as she had to stay home and help her mother raise her adopted brother, Earl. She returned the following year and signed up for the  Scientific curriculum, something unheard of for a girl to do at the dawning of the twentieth century.  But Grandma diligently pursued a scientific diploma, taking Algebra, Chemistry, Physics, along with Geography, German and English. She graduated with honors.

Below I have published the most graphically interesting of her notebooks, her Physics Notebook.  If you click on any of the thumbnail images below, you will increase the size of the page so that you can easily read the beautiful manuscript that Grandma Blanche produced.  Her handwriting is something to behold, and her line drawings are quite good as well.  Now well over 100 years have passes since this notebook was created.  Grandma took care of it as well as the rest of her notebooks and passed them on to her daughter, Hazel, for safe keeping.  Now I have the honor to preserve them for another generation and share them with all of you.  At the bottom of the page is a red script that reads: Grandma’s Physics Notebook.  If you click this it will take you to the entire manuscript.

I am happy to publish this manuscript of my Grandma’s Physics Notebook.  Please enjoy it’s beauty as well as any information that you care to delve into. I hope to have the other notebooks up before to much time.


Grandma’s Physics Notebook

Stacy’s Scrapbook

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Stacy C. Thompson's Scrapbook July 14, 1873

Stacy C. Thompson’s Scrapbook July 14, 1873


On July 14, 1873, Stacy C. Thompson signed his name to the first page of a scrapbook which was to be in his possession for the remainder of his life.  It would grow over the years to contain articles on religion, temperance and humor.  It would chronicle his political and family life.  It would contain articles from his newspaper The Independent.  And it would give a glimpse into his interests and character.

The scrapbook, now almost 150 years old, is falling apart.  In May of 1944, shortly after Stacy’s death, it came into the possession of my Grandfather, Walter Stacy Thompson, Stacy’s first son.  After Walter died in 1960, it was kept by Stacy’s granddaughter, Hazel Thompson until she died.  It then went to my cousin, Edward Thompson and later to my brother, Herbert Thompson. Last year, it came into my possession.

Many of the pages have separated from the binding.  The articles and memorabilia it contains are now yellowed and brittle. The glue that adhered the many items on its pages is now showing through the print, making the reading of its content difficult and sometimes impossible. Nevertheless it is now my privilege to present to you this collection of poems, prayers, articles, family memorabilia and political information spanning the life of Stacy C. Thompson from 1873 when he started it until 1944 when he died. For this blog I will present some of the many items in the scrapbook which stand out to me.  However in the section marked Manuscripts I will post the scrapbook in its entirety.

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