The early years of Walter Stacy Thompson

Walter as an infant - 1877

Walter as an infant 1877

Today’s post concerns the early life of my Grandfather, Walter Stacy Thompson.  Walter was born on May 25, 1877 and died on May 24, 1960. He worked at U.S. Rubber Company in Detroit, Michigan, retiring after World War ll.  I don’t know a lot about his early life, but the following pictures give a brief snapshot of some of the events that took place between the time he was born and the time he married in 1903.  All of the events depicted in the following photographs took place in Manistee, Michigan, a town situated on the northern banks of Lake Michigan.  This was his home for the early part of his life.  I have included one photograph of Company B, a Manistee unit of soldiers which went to Cuba in 1898 to fight in the Spanish-American War.  Walter was a part of Company B.  The last photograph of todays blog is of his home in Manistee which depicts his welcoming home party, after his service in the Spanish-American War.  Another blog will delve into his war time experiences and will include a copy of the journal he kept during that time.Some of the photographs in this group are taken directly from prints done on thin metal.  They are in good condition concerning their age of more than 135 years old.

For now, it is Walter, the infant, the boy, the teenager and the handsome young groom.

Walter at 9 months - 1878

Walter at 6 months

Walter at 3 - 1880

Walter at 3 – 1880

Walter in First Grade - 1883

Walter in the first grade – 1883

Walter at 10 - 1887

Walter at 10 – 1887

Walter at 20 - 1897

Walter at 20 – 1897

Walter in his teens

Walter on his Weddin Day – 1903

Walter at Stacy's Real Estate Office

Walter in Stacy C.’s Real Estate Office

Manistee Iron Works Band 1895_0001

Manistee Iron Works Band – 1895

Walter in Iron Works Band 1895

Walter, Iron Works Band

Hunting in the Manistee Forest 1900

Hunting in Manistee Forest around 1895

Walter Inside the tent

Walter inside a tent around 1895

A male image upside down

Strange image, perhaps a double exposure

A strange photo inside the tent.  If you turn the photo upside down, you will see the image of a male’s head.

Walter before the wedding

Walter before his wedding

Blanche before the wedding

Blanche, his bride to be

Blanche and Walter Wedding 1903

Blanche and Walter as newly weds

Manistee Company B 1898

Manistee Company B – Spanish-American War


Welcome Home Walter – 1898 Returning from the war


  1. Pete Clason says

    One of my classmates (MHS 1956) just asked if the Manistee Iron Works Band wore uniforms. Two of your photos nicely answered that question. When my parents moved to Manistee in 1929, my father’s first employer was Ray Bradford (Bradford Furniture Store and Bradford Funeral Home). Ray was a veteran of the Spanish-American War and would have known your grandfather.

  2. Karla Dahluqist Brown says

    Do you know just where the picture of the house was in Parkdale. We have been trying to figure it out. Liked all your pictures and writings.

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