In her own words: A poem by Hazel B. Thompson

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Armistice Day Detroit

Armistice Day, Detroit at Woodward Avenue


Armistice Day – a temporary joy.

Peace – the boys will be coming home.

Some did…some didn’t and never would.

Some did and wished that they hadn’t.

A sinister, mocking, foreboding gloom,

The dollar collapsed and prices zoomed.

Scrimp and save.  Scrimp and save.

Stretch the dollar.  Water the soup.

Do with less.  Do without.

Up went the rent, up, Up, UP.


A Family Photo, Back row: Arnold Stoelt, Herbert Randall, Ray Randall, Stacy C. Walter, Goodenow, Ellsworth. Front row: Bessie Stoelt, Clara, Mary, Blanche, Ida Mae, Hazel. Children: Stacy W., Gail

We moved to a “single” frame house.

It didn’t have a furnace.

It had a real back yard.

Here was a place to play and sing.

We were happy.

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  1. Michaeleen McKinley Laney says

    I so enjoyed seeing all the pictures from the past. Brought back memories of seeing our extended families.

  2. Michelle Grenier says

    I was just looking for some historic photos of Manistee and came across this incredible tribute to your family’s history. What a treasure. I was absolutely transported by every verse written by Hazel Thompson.

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