In her own words: A poem by Hazel B. Thompson

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As I look back – it seems a long time ago

I opened my first Art Studio.

Without warning … A sudden flash…

“Stock Market Crash.”

sign - depression

Great Depression

The depression came wallowing in.

A job, something to do,

Just anything to keep busy.

Work.  Don’t worry.  Work.

The wheels of industry

Turned slower and slower.

Somehow we managed.

We shared things together.

We did things together.

It didn’t cost much.

I painted everything,

From fish shanties to portraits.

My jobs were interesting and many,

Always dealing with people.

At home we played games, sang songs,

Made pop-corn and toys.

Our house rang with laughter,

The laughter of many girls and boys.

My brothers, their friends,

And my friends too.

My mother, my father,

Were never too old,

To share in the joy

Of being together.

Our house was different from the others.

It wasn’t just a house –

It was our family

And it was our HOME.


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  1. Michaeleen McKinley Laney says

    I so enjoyed seeing all the pictures from the past. Brought back memories of seeing our extended families.

  2. Michelle Grenier says

    I was just looking for some historic photos of Manistee and came across this incredible tribute to your family’s history. What a treasure. I was absolutely transported by every verse written by Hazel Thompson.

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