In her own words: A poem by Hazel B. Thompson

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Pearl Harbor

From somewhere in the warped minds of men,

A sneak attack, PEARL HARBOR,

We are at it again.

Uniforms, flags, patriotic drives,

Freedom – Democracy, freedom to live.

What are you doing?

What can you give?

People.  Little people, medium, and big.

Boy Scouts, girl scouts, social groups,

1940 Hazel Girl Scout

Hazel in her Girl Scout Leader”s Uniform

1940 Hazel Graduation

Hazel Graduating from University

Church groups, hobby groups, clubs and societies.

Labor – industry, unions and organizations.

Men women and children

Living in an “up-turned” world.

What is “it” that is missing?

Is “it” something you can buy?

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  1. Michaeleen McKinley Laney says

    I so enjoyed seeing all the pictures from the past. Brought back memories of seeing our extended families.

  2. Michelle Grenier says

    I was just looking for some historic photos of Manistee and came across this incredible tribute to your family’s history. What a treasure. I was absolutely transported by every verse written by Hazel Thompson.

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